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IPO Subscription Status

IPO Subscription Status refers to the number of shares that have been purchased by investors during the IPO subscription period. Investors can place a bid for IPO shares on any exchange (e.g., BSE or NSE). This is tracked separately for each investor category (institutional, non-institutional, retail, etc.) and is available in real-time on the websites of the stock exchanges as well as this website.

The IPO subscription opens for 3 working days for mainline IPOs, while the SME IPO opens for a longer period of time, for 4-5 working days.

Live IPO Subscription Status 2023

Issuer CompanyCloseIssue SizeQIB (x)sNII (x)bNII (x)NII (x)Retail (x)Employee (x)Others (x)Total (x)Applications
Tata Technologies Ltd.-----------
Plaza Wires Ltd.4-Oct-23₹ 71.28 Cr---------
Valiant Laboratories Ltd.3-Oct-23₹ 152.46 Cr---------
Updater Services Ltd.27-Sep-23₹ 640 Cr---------
JSW Infrastructure ltd.27-Sep-23₹ 2,800 Cr---------
26-Sep-23₹ 270.20 Cr---------
Sai Silks (Kalamandir) Ltd.22-Sep-23₹ 1,201 Cr---------
Signatureglobal India Ltd.22-Sep-23₹ 730 Cr---------
Yatra Online Ltd.20-Sep-23₹ 775 Cr---------
Zaggle Prepaid Ocean Services Ltd.18-Sep-23₹ 563.38 Cr---------
SAMHI Hotels Ltd.18-Sep-23₹ 1,370.10 Cr---------
R R Kabel Ltd.15-Sep-23₹ 1964.01 Cr---------
EMS Limited12-Sep-23₹ 321.24 Cr---------
Jupiter Life Line Hospitals Ltd.8-Sep-23₹ 869.08 Cr---------
Ratnaveer Precision Engineering Ltd.6-Sep-23₹ 165.03 Cr---------
Rishabh Instruments Ltd.1-Sep-23₹ 490.78 Cr---------
Vishnu Prakash R Punglia Ltd.28-Aug-23₹ 308.88 Cr---------
Aeroflex Industries Ltd.24-Aug-23₹ 351 Cr---------
Balaji Speciality Chemicals Ltd.- ₹ 250 Cr---------
Pyramid Technoplast Ltd.22-Aug-23₹ 153.05 Cr---------
TVS Supply Chain Solutions Ltd.14-Aug-23₹ 880 Cr---------
Concord Biotech Ltd.8-Aug-23 ₹ 1,551 Cr---------
SBFC Finance Ltd.7-Aug-23 ₹ 1,025 Cr---------
Yatharth Hospital Ltd.28-Jul-23----------
Netweb Technologies India Ltd.19-Jul-23 ₹ 631 Cr---------
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Ltd.14-Jul-23₹ 500 Cr---------
Senco Gold Ltd.6-Jul-23₹ 405 Cr---------
PKH Ventures Ltd.4-Jul-23₹ 379 Cr---------
Cyient DLM Ltd.30-Jun-23₹ 592 Cr---------
ideaForge Technology Ltd.29-Jun-23₹ 567 Cr---------
HMA Agro Industries Ltd23-Jun-23₹ 480 Cr---------
IKIO Lighting Ltd.8-Jun-23₹ 607 Cr---------
Nexus Select Trust Ltd.11-May-23₹ 3,200 Cr---------
Mankind Pharma Ltd.27-Apr-23₹ 4,326.36 Cr---------
Avalon Technologies Ltd.6-Apr-23₹ 865 Cr---------
Udayshivakumar Infra Ltd.23-Mar-23₹ 66 Cr---------
Global Surfaces Ltd.15-Mar-23₹ 154.98 Cr---------
3-Mar-23₹ 180 Cr---------
Adani Enterprises Ltd.31-Jan-23₹ 20,000 Cr---------
Sah Polymers Ltd4-Jan-23₹ 66.30 Cr---------
Radiant Cash Management Ltd27-Dec-22₹ 387.94 Cr---------
Elin Electronics Ltd22-Dec-22₹ 475 Cr---------
KFin Technologies Ltd21-Dec-22₹ 1,500 Cr---------
Sula Vineyards Ltd14-Dec-22₹ 960.35 Cr---------
Uniparts India Ltd.2-Dec-22₹ 835.61 Cr---------
Dharmaj Crop Guard Ltd.30-Nov-22₹ 251.15 Cr---------
Landmark Cars Ltd.15-Dec-22₹ 552 Cr---------
Keystone Realtors Ltd.16-Nov-22₹ 635 Cr---------
Inox Green Energy Ltd.15-Nov-22₹ 740 Cr---------
Kaynes Technology Ltd.14-Nov-22₹ 857.82 Cr---------
Global Health Ltd.7-Nov-22₹ 2205.57 Cr---------
DCX Systems Ltd.2-Nov-22₹ 500 Cr---------
Tracxn Technologies Ltd.12-Oct-22₹ 309.38 Cr---------
Issuer CompanyOpenCloseIssue SizeQIB (x)NII (x)Retail (x)Total (x)Applications
Rajgor Castor Derivatives Ltd.17-Oct-2320-Oct-23₹ 47.81 Cr-----
WomanCart Ltd.16-Oct-2318-Oct-23₹ 9.56 Cr-----
12-Oct-2316-Oct-23₹ 14.74 Cr-----
Committed Cargo Care Ltd.6-Oct-2310-Oct-23₹ 24.98 Cr-----
Akanksha Power and Infrastructure Ltd.29-Sep-234-Oct-23₹ 22.48 Cr-----
Karnika Industries Ltd.29-Sep-234-Oct-23₹ 25.07 Cr-----
Plada Infotech Services Ltd.29-Sep-234-Oct-23₹ 12.36 Cr-----
Sharp Chucks And Machines Ltd.29-Sep-234-Oct-23₹ 16.84 Cr-----
Vishnusurya Projects and Infra Ltd.29-Sep-234-Oct-23₹ 50 Cr-----
Vivaa Tradecom Ltd.27-Sep-234-Oct-23₹ 7.99 Cr-----
Vinyas Innovative Technologies Ltd.27-Sep-233-Oct-23₹ 54.66 Cr-----
Canarys Automations Ltd.27-Sep-233-Oct-23₹ 47.03 Cr-----
Oneclick Logistics India Ltd.27-Sep-233-Oct-23₹ 9.91 Cr-----
E Factor Experiences Ltd.27-Sep-233-Oct-23₹ 25.92 Cr-----
Kontor Space Ltd.27-Sep-2329-Sep-23₹ 15.62 Cr-----
Goyal Salt Ltd.26-Sep-2329-Sep-23₹ 18.63 Cr-----
Sunita Tools Ltd.26-Sep-2328-Sep-23₹ 22.05 Cr-----
Arabian Petroleum Ltd.25-Sep-2327-Sep-23₹ 20.24 Cr-----
Newjaisa Technologies Ltd.25-Sep-2327-Sep-23₹ 39.93 Cr-----
Inspire Films Ltd.25-Sep-2327-Sep-23₹ 21.23 Cr-----
Digikore Studios Ltd.25-Sep-2327-Sep-23₹ 30.48 Cr-----
Saakshi Medtech and Panels Ltd.25-Sep-2327-Sep-23₹ 45.16 Cr-----
Organic Recycling Systems Ltd.21-Sep-2326-Sep-23 ₹ 50 Cr-----
Marco Cables & Conductors Ltd.21-Sep-2325-Sep-23 ₹ 18.73 Cr-----
Mangalam Alloys Ltd.21-Sep-2325-Sep-23 ₹ 54.91 Cr-----
Hi-Green Carbon Ltd.21-Sep-2325-Sep-23 ₹ 52.80 Cr-----
Master Components Ltd.18-Sep-2321-Sep-23 ₹ 15.43 Cr-----
Madhusudan Masala Ltd.18-Sep-2321-Sep-23₹ 23.80 Cr-----
Techknowgreen Solutions Ltd.18-Sep-2321-Sep-23₹ 16.72 Cr-----
Kody Technolab Ltd.15-Sep-2320-Sep-23₹ 27.52 Cr-----
Holmarc Opto-Mechatronics Ltd.15-Sep-2320-Sep-23₹ 11.40 Cr-----
Cellecor Gadgets Ltd.15-Sep-2320-Sep-23₹ 50.77 Cr-----
Kundan Edifice Ltd.12-Sep-2315-Sep-23₹ 25.22 Cr-----
Chavda Infra Ltd.12-Sep-2314-Sep-23₹ 43.26 Cr-----
Meson Valves India Ltd.8-Sep-2312-Sep-23₹ 31.09 Cr-----
Jiwanram Sheoduttrai Industries Ltd.8-Sep-2312-Sep-23₹ 17.07 Cr-----
Unihealth Consultancy Ltd.8-Sep-2312-Sep-23₹ 56.55 Cr-----
Kahan Packaging Ltd.6-Sep-238-Sep-23₹ 5.76 Cr405.591042.37730.452,34,798 (1102.34x)
Pramara Promotions Ltd.1-Sep-235-Sep-23₹ 15.27 Cr33.9917.1425.719,857 (17.14x)
Saroja Pharma Industries India Ltd.1-Sep-235-Sep-23₹ 9.11 Cr2.914.838.884,775 (14.83x)
Basilic Fly Studio Ltd.1-Sep-235-Sep-23₹ 66.35 Cr116.34549.44415.22358.67,04,205 (415.22x)
C P S Shapers Ltd.29-Aug-2331-Aug-23₹ 11.10 Cr198.17301.03253.971,42,688 (301.03x)
Mono Pharmacare Ltd.28-Aug-2330-Aug-23₹ 14.84 Cr10.89819.413.4210,978 (19.40x)
Sahaj Fashions Limited25-Aug-2329-Aug-23₹ 13.96 Cr-----
Sungarner Energies Ltd.21-Aug-2323-Aug-23₹ 5.31 Cr110.59192.93152.435,114 (192.93x)
Bondada Engineering Ltd.18-Aug-2322-Aug-23₹ 42.72 Cr115.46100.05112.281,46,586 (86.74x)
Crop Life Science Ltd.18-Aug-2322-Aug-23₹ 26.73 Cr1.567.154.368,718 (7.15x)
Shoora Designs Ltd.17-Aug-2321-Aug-23₹ 2.03 Cr34.6893.7364.528,765 (132.80x)
Shelter Pharma Ltd.10-Aug-2314-Aug-23₹ 16.03 Cr6.5922.2815.2511,445 (18.95x)
Srivari Spices and Foods Ltd.7-Aug-239-Aug-23₹ 9 Cr79.1786.11517.95450.031,23,273 (517.95x)
Yudiz Solutions Ltd.4-Aug-238-Aug-23₹ 44.84 Cr2.814.776.415.037,276 (6.41x)
Sangani Hospitals Ltd.4-Aug-238-Aug-23₹ 15.17 Cr11.421.386.174.543,332 (6.17x)
Vinsys IT Services Ltd.1-Aug-234-Aug-23₹ 49.84 Cr36.95105.75111.56891,44,469 (111.56x)
Oriana Power Ltd.1-Aug-233-Aug-23₹ 59.66 Cr72.16251.74204.04176.582,85,651 (204.04x)
Zeal Global Services Ltd.28-Jul-231-Aug-23₹ 36.46 Cr4.263.854.065,391 (3.85x)
Shri Techtex Ltd.26-Jul-2328-Jul-23₹ 45.14 Cr58.03250.65156.37148.441,92,493 (156.37x)
Innovatus Entertainment Networks Ltd.25-Jul-2327-Jul-23₹ 7.74 Cr56.58150.5105.2138,990 (159.14x)
Khazanchi Jewellers Ltd.24-Jul-2328-Jul-23₹ 97.00 Cr1.740.781.263,057 (0.93x)
Yasons Chemex Care Ltd.24-Jul-2326-Jul-23₹ 20.57 Cr47.7168.7659.655,837 (68.76x)
Asarfi Hospital Ltd.17-Jul-2319-Jul-23₹ 26.94 Cr50.6451.62167.81195.141,62,507 (188.74x)
Service Care Ltd.14-Jul-2318-Jul-23₹ 20.68 Cr5.12.6410.546.446,943 (10.54x)
Ahasolar Technologies Ltd.10-Jul-2313-Jul-23₹ 12.84 Cr23.3746.1834.7924,264 (50.03x)
Kaka Industries Ltd.10-Jul-2312-Jul-23₹ 21.23 Cr72.13431.85358.88292.662,33,569 (384.79x)
Drone Destination Ltd.7-Jul-2311-Jul-23₹ 44.20 Cr50.46243.85250.09191.652,75,728 (250.21x)
AccelerateBS India Ltd.6-Jul-2311-Jul-23₹ 5.69 Cr39.2559.1149.1912,144 (64.94x)
Alphalogic Industries Ltd.3-Jul-236-Jul-23₹ 12.88 Cr4.245.195.343,999 (8.40x)
Tridhya Tech Ltd.30-Jun-235-Jul-23₹ 26.41 Cr15.62181.7267.6272.3847,123 (67.71x)
Synoptics Technologies Ltd.30-Jun-235-Jul-23 ₹ 54.03 Cr2.582.542.664,586 (2.54x)
Global Pet Industries Ltd.29-Jun-233-Jul-23 ₹ 13.23 Cr4.444.144.31,768 (4.14x)
Pentagon Rubber Ltd.26-Jun-2330-Jun-23₹ 16.17 Cr27.62153.33130.7106.250,318 (130.70x)
Essen Speciality Films Ltd.23-Jun-2327-Jun-23₹ 66.33 Cr45.26112.2168.0771.031,16,940 (68.07x)
Greenchef Appliances Ltd.23-Jun-2327-Jun-23₹ 53.62 Cr17.1196.0162.6344.8980,230 (62.63x)
Magson Retail And Distribution Ltd.23-Jun-2327-Jun-23₹ 13.74 Cr6.097.386.743,703 (7.38x)
Veefin Solutions Ltd.22-Jun-2326-Jun-23₹ 46.73 Cr3.261.652.463,178 (1.88x)
Aatmaj Healthcare Ltd.19-Jun-2321-Jun-23₹ 38.40 Cr36.7830.2733.646,009 (30.27x)
Cosmic CRF Ltd.14-Jun-2316-Jun-23-3.762.760.61.162,092 (0.64x)
Urban Enviro Waste Management Ltd12-Jun-2314-Jun-23₹ 11.42 Cr-----
Spectrum Talent Management Ltd.9-Jun-2314-Jun-23₹ 105.14 Cr11.2111.6813.112.2742,577 (13.10x)
Sonalis Consumer Products Ltd.7-Jun-239-Jun-23₹ 2.83 Cr38.4148.3143.486,151 (54.92x)
Kore Digital Ltd.2-Jun-237-Jun-23₹ 18 Cr44.8633.2639.4619,706 (33.23x)
Comrade Appliances Ltd.31-May-235-Jun-23₹ 12.30 Cr21.86120.7872.0871.9234,440 (90.87x)
Sahana System Ltd.31-May-232-Jun-23₹ 32.74 Cr9.76.4112.979.5313,428 (12.97x)
CFF Fluid Control Ltd.30-May-232-Jun-23₹ 85.80 Cr2.581.672.151,906 (0.65x)
Infollion Research Services Ltd.29-May-2331-May-23 ₹ 21.45 Cr70.72422.45264.1259.711,43,673 (567.88x)
Hemant Surgical Industries Ltd.24-May-2326-May-23₹ 24.83 Cr41.05203.26158.73139.76,844 (11.94x)
Proventus Agrocom Ltd.24-May-2326-May-23₹ 69.54 Cr4.30.742.611,993 (0.74x)
Vasa Denticity Ltd.23-May-2325-May-23₹ 54.07 Cr37.26115.1358.0767.9981,534 (58.07x)
Crayons Advertising Ltd.22-May-2325-May-23₹ 41.80 Cr45.2171.71169.94137.281,81,667 (169.94x)
Remus Pharmaceuticals Ltd.17-May-2319-May-23₹ 47.69 Cr10.75229.3149.8157.2148,376 (49.77x)
Krishca Strapping Solutions Ltd.16-May-2319-May-23₹ 17.93 Cr36.1786.89572.83336.572,42,194 (572.56x)
Auro Impex n Chemicals Ltd.11-May-2315-May-23₹ 27.07 Cr-----
Innokaiz India Ltd.28-Apr-233-May-23₹ 21.17 Cr23.93303.9246.195.08
De Neers Tools Ltd.28-Apr-233-May-23₹ 23 Cr3.7260.1611.8815.047,889 (11.88x)
Retina Paints Ltd.19-Apr-2324-Apr-23₹ 11.10 Cr6.110.418.295,148 (11.12x)
A G Universal Ltd.11-Apr-2313-Apr-23₹ 8.72 Cr3.712.543.36924 (2.54x)
Pattech Fitwell Tube Components Ltd.5-Apr-2312-Apr-23₹ 12 Cr2.051.91.97760 (2.01x)
MOS Utility Ltd.31-Mar-236-Apr-23₹ 49.97 Cr11.6757.911.9821.1416,366 (16.11x)
Sancode Technologies Ltd.31-Mar-236-Apr-23₹ 5.15 Cr3.983.393.68815 (4.71x)
Exhicon Events Media Solutions Ltd.31-Mar-235-Apr-23₹ 21.12 Cr13.282.311.951,513 (2.88x)
Infinium Pharmachem Ltd.31-Mar-235-Apr-23₹ 25.31 Cr1.81.861.841,742 (1.86x)
Sotac Pharmaceuticals Ltd.29-Mar-233-Apr-23₹ 33.30 Cr14.040.911.6755 (1.30x)
Maiden Forgings Ltd.23-Mar-2327-Mar-23₹ 23.84 Cr11.421.121.21,358 (1.20x)
Command Polymers Ltd.17-Mar-2321-Mar-23₹ 7.09 Cr1.810.981.39305 (1.02x)
Dev Labtech Venture Ltd.17-Mar-2321-Mar-23₹ 11.22 Cr2.658.245.474,938 (9.46x)
Nirman Agri Genetics Ltd.15-Mar-2320-Mar-23₹ 20.30 Cr1.222.21.711,787 (2.20x)
Bright Outdoor Media Ltd.14-Mar-2317-Mar-23₹ 55.48 Cr1.391.151.272,139 (1.19x)
Quality Foils (India) Ltd.14-Mar-2316-Mar-23₹ 4.52 Cr464.5259.65364.3846,477 (259.65x)
Labelkraft Technologies Ltd.13-Mar-2315-Mar-23₹ 4.75 Cr46.8459.8453.4214,055 (68.56x)
Sudarshan Pharma Industries Ltd.9-Mar-2314-Mar-23₹ 50.10 Cr-----
Prospect Commodities Ltd.8-Mar-2310-Mar-23₹ 7.48 Cr6.853.765.311,191 (4.09x)
MCON Rasayan India Ltd.6-Mar-2310-Mar-23₹ 6.84 Cr307.09453.41384.641,22,420 (429.54x)
Vertexplus Technologies Ltd.2-Mar-236-Mar-231.4335.1515.5311.01
Systango Technologies Ltd.2-Mar-236-Mar-2314.1230.3666.5964.99
ResGen Ltd.28-Feb-232-Mar-23₹ 28.20 Cr1.093.873.882.5
Amanaya Ventures Ltd.24-Feb-2328-Feb-23₹ 2.76 Cr0.772.731.75
Srivasavi Adhesive Tapes Ltd.23-Feb-2328-Feb-23₹ 15.50 Cr7.128.387.75
SVJ Enterprises Ltd.23-Feb-2328-Feb-23₹ 6.12 Cr2.10.891.49
Sealmatic India Ltd.17-Feb-2321-Feb-23₹ 56.24 Cr8.7130.2212.0616.61
Macfos Ltd.17-Feb-2321-Feb-23₹ 23.74 Cr21.6659.99268.45193.87
ITCONS E-Solutions Ltd.28-Feb-232-Mar-23₹ 8.67 Cr16.1217.4516.79
San Trica Realtors Ltd.₹ 40 Cr-----
Patron Exim Ltd.21-Feb-2324-Feb-23₹ 16.69 Cr0.971.171.07
Viaz Tyres Ltd.16-Feb-2321-Feb-23₹ 20 Cr5.336.255.79
Lead Reclaim and Rubber Products Ltd.9-Feb-2313-Feb-23₹ 4.88 Cr87.5664.4175.98
Agarwal Float Glass India Ltd.10-Feb-2315-Feb-23₹ 9.20 Cr3.137.25.16
Indong Tea Company Ltd.9-Feb-2313-Feb-23₹ 13.01 Cr2.177.764.97
Shera Energy Ltd.7-Feb-239-Feb-23₹ 35.20 Cr8.73190.1251.347.36
Earthstahl & Alloys Ltd.27-Jan-2331-Jan-23₹ 12.96 Cr39.83445.09191.77235.18
Gayatri Rubbers and Chemicals Ltd.25-Jan-2330-Jan-23₹ 4.58 Cr33.6542.2337.94
Transvoy Logistics India Ltd.20-Jan-2324-Jan-23₹ 5.11 Cr200168.67184.34
DHARNI Capital Services Ltd.18-Jan-2320-Jan-23 ₹ 10.74 Cr6.326.836.57
Aristo Biotech and Life Science Ltd.16-Jan-2319-Jan-23 ₹ 13.05 Cr-----
Ducol Organics And Colours Ltd.9-Jan-2311-Jan-23 ₹ 31.51 Cr58.1531.1144.63
Eastern Logica Infoway Ltd.5-Jan-239-Jan-23 ₹ 16.94 Cr1.921.561.74
Chaman Metallics Ltd.4-Jan-236-Jan-23 ₹ 24.21 Cr255.92159.85207.88
SVS Ventures Ltd.30-Dec-224-Jan-23 ₹ 11.24 Cr0.532.011.27
Rex Sealing and Packing Industries Ltd.30-Dec-224-Jan-23 ₹ 8.09 Cr23.32.65
Anlon Technology Solutions Ltd.29-Dec-222-Jan-23₹ 15 Cr54.53883.58447.06428.62
Moxsh Overseas Educon Ltd.21-Dec-2223-Dec-22₹ 10.42 Cr-----
RBM Infracon Ltd.23-Dec-2227-Dec-22₹ 8.37 Cr-----
Homesfy Realty Ltd.21-Dec-2223-Dec-22₹ 15.86 Cr-----
Arihant Academy Ltd.16-Dec-2221-Dec-22₹ 14.72 Cr-----
Uma Converter Ltd.15-Dec-2221-Dec-22₹ 18.41 Cr-----
Dollex Agrotech Ltd.15-Dec-2220-Dec-22₹ 24.39 Cr-----
Droneacharya Aerial Innovations Ltd.13-Dec-2215-Dec-22₹ 33.97 Cr-----
All E Technologies Ltd.9-Dec-2213-Dec-22₹ 48.20 Cr-----
Arham Technologies Ltd.5-Dec-227-Dec-22₹ 9.58 Cr-----


  • Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB): Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB) investors include financial institutions such as banks, FIIs, and mutual funds.
  • Non-Institutional Investors (NII): NII investors include individuals, NRIs, corporations, trusts, and so on.
  • Retail Individual Investors (RII): RII investors include retail individual investors or NRIs.


An IPO subscription is very important for investors for the following reasons:

  • The demand for the shares is indicated by the IPO subscription. Better listing gains typically result from higher demand.
  • Investors can decide whether to apply for an IPO or not.
  • The movement of the IPO Grey market rates depends on the IPO subscription data.
  • On the basis of the IPO subscription status, investors choose a category based on the subscription figure, i.e., retail or HNI.