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IPO Listing

For the trading of shares, the company has to get its shares listed on any recognised stock exchange. From where investors can easily buy and sell shares of the company. An IPO listing is the date on which shares are to be listed on stock exchanges like the BSE and NSE.

This is very important for investors and companies that come up with initial public offerings. On this date Main Board IPOs are listed on NSE and BSE while SME IPOs are listed on BSE SME and NSE Emerge platforms.

IPO Platform
Main Board IPO BSE, NSE 

Date of the new IPO’s listing

Issuer CompanyCloseIPO Listing DateStock ExchangeIPO Status
Tata Technologies Ltd.--BSE, NSEUpcoming
Plaza Wires Ltd.4-Oct-2312-Oct-23BSE, NSEClosed
Valiant Laboratories Ltd.3-Oct-2311-Oct-23BSE, NSEClosed
Updater Services Ltd.27-Sep-239-Oct-23BSE, NSEClosed
JSW Infrastructure ltd.27-Sep-236-Oct-23BSE, NSEClosed
26-Sep-236-Oct-23BSE, NSEClosed
Sai Silks (Kalamandir) Ltd.22-Sep-234-Oct-23BSE, NSEClosed
Signatureglobal India Ltd.22-Sep-234-Oct-23BSE, NSEClosed
Yatra Online Ltd.20-Sep-2329-Sep-23BSE, NSEClosed
Zaggle Prepaid Ocean Services Ltd.18-Sep-2327-Sep-23BSE, NSEClosed
SAMHI Hotels Ltd.18-Sep-2327-Sep-23BSE, NSEClosed
R R Kabel Ltd.15-Sep-2326-Sep-23BSE, NSEClosed
EMS Limited12-Sep-2321-Sep-23BSE, NSEClosed
Jupiter Life Line Hospitals Ltd.8-Sep-2318-Sep-23BSE, NSEClosed
Ratnaveer Precision Engineering Ltd.6-Sep-2314-Sep-23BSE, NSEClosed
Rishabh Instruments Ltd.1-Sep-2311-Sep-23BSE, NSEClosed
Vishnu Prakash R Punglia Ltd.28-Aug-235-Sep-23BSE, NSEClosed
Aeroflex Industries Ltd.24-Aug-231-Sep-23BSE, NSEClosed
Balaji Speciality Chemicals Ltd.--BSE, NSEUpcoming
Pyramid Technoplast Ltd.22-Aug-2330-Aug-23BSE, NSEClosed
TVS Supply Chain Solutions Ltd.14-Aug-2323-Aug-23BSE, NSEClosed
Concord Biotech Ltd.8-Aug-2318-Aug-23BSE, NSEClosed
SBFC Finance Ltd.7-Aug-2316-Aug-23BSE, NSEClosed
Yatharth Hospital Ltd.28-Jul-237-Aug-23BSE, NSEClosed
Netweb Technologies India Ltd.19-Jul-2327-Jul-23BSE, NSEClosed
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Ltd.14-Jul-2324-Jul-23BSE, NSEClosed
Senco Gold Ltd.6-Jul-2314-Jul-23BSE, NSEClosed
PKH Ventures Ltd.4-Jul-2312-Jul-23BSE, NSEClosed
Cyient DLM Ltd.30-Jun-2310-Jul-23BSE, NSEClosed
ideaForge Technology Ltd.29-Jun-237-Jul-23BSE, NSEClosed
HMA Agro Industries Ltd23-Jun-234-Jul-23BSE, NSEClosed
IKIO Lighting Ltd.8-Jun-2316-Jun-23BSE, NSEClosed
Nexus Select Trust Ltd.11-May-2319-May-23BSE, NSEListed@₹ 1300
Mankind Pharma Ltd.27-Apr-238-May-23BSE, NSEListed@₹ 1300
Avalon Technologies Ltd.6-Apr-2318-Apr-23BSE, NSEListed@₹ 436
Udayshivakumar Infra Ltd.23-Mar-233-Apr-23BSE, NSEListed@₹ 30
Global Surfaces Ltd.15-Mar-2323-Mar-23BSE, NSEClosed
3-Mar-2314-Mar-23BSE, NSEClosed
Adani Enterprises Ltd.31-Jan-238-Feb-23BSE, NSECancelled
Sah Polymers Ltd4-Jan-2312-Jan-23BSE, NSEClosed
Radiant Cash Management Ltd27-Dec-224-Jan-23BSE, NSEClosed
Elin Electronics Ltd22-Dec-2230-Dec-22BSE, NSEClosed
KFin Technologies Ltd21-Dec-2229-Dec-22BSE, NSEClosed
Sula Vineyards Ltd14-Dec-2222-Dec-22BSE, NSEClosed
Uniparts India Ltd.2-Dec-2212-Dec-22BSE, NSEClosed
Dharmaj Crop Guard Ltd.30-Nov-228-Dec-22BSE, NSEClosed
Landmark Cars Ltd.15-Dec-2223-Dec-22BSE, NSEClosed
Keystone Realtors Ltd.16-Nov-2224-Nov-22BSE, NSEClosed
Inox Green Energy Ltd.15-Nov-2223-Nov-22BSE, NSEClosed
Kaynes Technology Ltd.14-Nov-2222-Nov-22BSE, NSEClosed
Global Health Ltd.7-Nov-2216-Nov-22BSE, NSEClosed
DCX Systems Ltd.2-Nov-2211-Nov-22BSE, NSEClosed
Tracxn Technologies Ltd.12-Oct-2220-Oct-22BSE, NSEClosed
Issuer CompanyStock ExchangeIPO Listing DateIPO Status
Rajgor Castor Derivatives Ltd.NSE SME31-Oct-23Upcoming
WomanCart Ltd.NSE SME27-Oct-23Open
NSE SME25-Oct-23Open
Committed Cargo Care Ltd.NSE SME18-Oct-23Closed
Akanksha Power and Infrastructure Ltd.NSE SME12-Oct-23Closed
Karnika Industries Ltd.NSE SME12-Oct-23Closed
Plada Infotech Services Ltd.NSE SME12-Oct-23Closed
Sharp Chucks And Machines Ltd.NSE SME12-Oct-23Closed
Vishnusurya Projects and Infra Ltd.NSE SME12-Oct-23Closed
Vivaa Tradecom Ltd.BSE SME12-Oct-23Closed
Vinyas Innovative Technologies Ltd.NSE SME11-Oct-23Closed
Canarys Automations Ltd.NSE SME11-Oct-23Closed
Oneclick Logistics India Ltd.NSE SME11-Oct-23Closed
E Factor Experiences Ltd.NSE SME11-Oct-23Closed
Kontor Space Ltd.NSE SME10-Oct-23Closed
Goyal Salt Ltd.NSE SME10-Oct-23Closed
Sunita Tools Ltd.BSE SME09-Oct-23Closed
Arabian Petroleum Ltd.NSE SME06-Oct-23Closed
Newjaisa Technologies Ltd.NSE SME09-Oct-23Closed
Inspire Films Ltd.NSE SME06-Oct-23Closed
Digikore Studios Ltd.NSE SME06-Oct-23Closed
Saakshi Medtech and Panels Ltd.NSE SME06-Oct-23Closed
Organic Recycling Systems Ltd.BSE SME05-Oct-23Closed
Marco Cables & Conductors Ltd.NSE SME04-Oct-23Closed
Mangalam Alloys Ltd.NSE SME04-Oct-23Closed
Hi-Green Carbon Ltd.NSE SME04-Oct-23Closed
Master Components Ltd.NSE SME29-Sep-23Closed
Madhusudan Masala Ltd.NSE SME03-Oct-23Closed
Techknowgreen Solutions Ltd.BSE SME29-Sep-23Closed
Kody Technolab Ltd.NSE SME28-Sep-23Closed
Holmarc Opto-Mechatronics Ltd.NSE SME28-Sep-23Closed
Cellecor Gadgets Ltd.NSE SME28-Sep-23Closed
Kundan Edifice Ltd.NSE SME26-Sep-23Closed
Chavda Infra Ltd.NSE SME25-Sep-23Closed
Meson Valves India Ltd.BSE SME21-Sep-23Closed
Jiwanram Sheoduttrai Industries Ltd.NSE SME21-Sep-23Closed
Unihealth Consultancy Ltd.NSE SME21-Sep-23Closed
Kahan Packaging Ltd.BSE SME18-Sep-23Closed
Pramara Promotions Ltd.NSE SME13-Sep-23closed
Saroja Pharma Industries India Ltd.NSE SME13-Sep-23closed
Basilic Fly Studio Ltd.NSE SME13-Sep-23closed
C P S Shapers Ltd.NSE SME08-Sep-23Closed
Mono Pharmacare Ltd.NSE SME07-Sep-23Closed
Sahaj Fashions LimitedNSE SME06-Sep-23Closed
Sungarner Energies Ltd.NSE SME31-Aug-23Closed
Bondada Engineering Ltd.BSE SME30-Aug-23Closed
Crop Life Science Ltd.NSE SME30-Aug-23Closed
Shoora Designs Ltd.BSE SME29-Aug-23Closed
Shelter Pharma Ltd.BSE SME23-Aug-23Closed
Srivari Spices and Foods Ltd.NSE SME18-Aug-23Closed
Yudiz Solutions Ltd.NSE SME17-Aug-23Closed
Sangani Hospitals Ltd.NSE SME17-Aug-23Closed
Vinsys IT Services Ltd.NSE SME14-Aug-23Closed
Oriana Power Ltd.NSE SME11-Aug-23Closed
Zeal Global Services Ltd.NSE SME9-Aug-23Closed
Shri Techtex Ltd.NSE SME7-Aug-23Closed
Innovatus Entertainment Networks Ltd.BSE SME4-Aug-23Closed
Khazanchi Jewellers Ltd.BSE SME7-Aug-23Closed
Yasons Chemex Care Ltd.NSE SME3-Aug-23Closed
Asarfi Hospital Ltd.BSE SME27-Jul-23Closed
Service Care Ltd.NSE SME26-Jul-23Closed
Ahasolar Technologies Ltd.BSE SME21-Jul-23Closed
Kaka Industries Ltd.BSE SME20-Jul-23Closed
Drone Destination Ltd.NSE SME19-Jul-23Closed
AccelerateBS India Ltd.BSE SME19-Jul-23Closed
Alphalogic Industries Ltd.BSE SME14-Jul-23Closed
Tridhya Tech Ltd.NSE SME13-Jul-23Closed
Synoptics Technologies Ltd.NSE SME13-Jul-23Closed
Global Pet Industries Ltd.NSE SME11-Jul-23Closed
Pentagon Rubber Ltd.NSE SME10-Jul-23Closed
Essen Speciality Films Ltd.NSE SME6-Jul-23Closed
Greenchef Appliances Ltd.NSE SME6-Jul-23Closed
Magson Retail And Distribution Ltd.NSE SME6-Jul-23Closed
Veefin Solutions Ltd.BSE SME5-Jul-23Closed
Aatmaj Healthcare Ltd.NSE SME30-Jun-23Closed
Cosmic CRF Ltd.BSE SME26-Jun-23Closed
Urban Enviro Waste Management LtdNSE SME22-Jun-23Closed
Spectrum Talent Management Ltd.NSE SME22-Jun-23Closed
Sonalis Consumer Products Ltd.BSE SME19-Jun-23Closed
Kore Digital Ltd.NSE SME15-Jun-23Closed
Comrade Appliances Ltd.BSE SME13-Jun-23Closed
Sahana System Ltd.NSE SME12-Jun-23Closed
CFF Fluid Control Ltd.BSE SME12-Jun-23Closed
Infollion Research Services Ltd.NSE SME8-Jun-23Closed
Hemant Surgical Industries Ltd.BSE SME5-Jun-23Closed
Proventus Agrocom Ltd.NSE SME5-Jun-23Closed
Vasa Denticity Ltd.NSE SME2-Jun-23Closed
Crayons Advertising Ltd.NSE SME2-Jun-23Closed
Remus Pharmaceuticals Ltd.NSE SME29-May-23Closed
Krishca Strapping Solutions Ltd.NSE SME29-May-23Closed
Auro Impex n Chemicals Ltd.NSE SME23-May-23Closed
Innokaiz India Ltd.BSE SME11-May-23Listed@₹ 148
De Neers Tools Ltd.NSE SME11-May-23Listed@₹ 190
Retina Paints Ltd.BSE SME3-May-23Listed@₹ 29.05
A G Universal Ltd.NSE SME24-Apr-23Listed@₹ 60
Pattech Fitwell Tube Components Ltd.NSE SME21-Apr-23Listed@₹ 55
MOS Utility Ltd.NSE SME18-Apr-23Listed@₹ 90
Sancode Technologies Ltd.BSE SME18-Apr-23Listed@₹ 64
Exhicon Events Media Solutions Ltd.BSE SME17-Apr-23Listed@₹ 64
Infinium Pharmachem Ltd.NSE SME17-Apr-23Listed@₹ 141.50
Sotac Pharmaceuticals Ltd.NSE SME13-Apr-23Listed@₹ 115
Maiden Forgings Ltd.BSE SME6-Apr-23Listed@₹ 63
Command Polymers Ltd.BSE SME29-Mar-23Listed@₹ 26.75
Dev Labtech Venture Ltd.BSE SME29-Mar-23Listed@₹ 51
Nirman Agri Genetics Ltd.NSE SME28-Mar-23Listed@₹ 102
Bright Outdoor Media Ltd.BSE SME27-Mar-23Listed@₹ 150
Quality Foils (India) Ltd.NSE SME24-Mar-23Listed@₹ 100
Labelkraft Technologies Ltd.BSE SME23-Mar-23Listed@₹ 56
Sudarshan Pharma Industries Ltd.BSE SME22-Mar-23Listed@₹ 73
Prospect Commodities Ltd.BSE SME20-Mar-23Listed@₹ 61
MCON Rasayan India Ltd.NSE SME20-Mar-23Listed@₹ 48
Vertexplus Technologies Ltd.NSE SME15-Mar-23Listed@₹ 101
Systango Technologies Ltd.NSE SME15-Mar-23Listed@₹ 98
ResGen Ltd.BSE SME13-Mar-23Listed@₹ 49
Amanaya Ventures Ltd.BSE SME9-Mar-23Listed@₹ 20.10
Srivasavi Adhesive Tapes Ltd.NSE SME9-Mar-23Listed@₹ 40
SVJ Enterprises Ltd.BSE SME9-Mar-23Listed@₹ 38
Sealmatic India Ltd.BSE SME1-Mar-23Listed@₹ 225
Macfos Ltd.BSE SME1-Mar-23Listed@₹184
ITCONS E-Solutions Ltd.BSE SME13-Mar-23Listed@₹46.99
San Trica Realtors Ltd.BSE SMEClosed
Patron Exim Ltd.BSE SME6-Mar-23Closed
Viaz Tyres Ltd.NSE SME1-Mar-23Listed@₹ 68
Lead Reclaim and Rubber Products Ltd.NSE SME21-Feb-23Listed@₹ 27.50
Agarwal Float Glass India Ltd.NSE SME23-Feb-23Listed@₹ 44
Indong Tea Company Ltd.BSE SME21-Feb-23Listed@₹ 20.80
Shera Energy Ltd.NSE SME17-Feb-23Listed@₹ 64.10
Earthstahl & Alloys Ltd.BSE SME8-Feb-23Listed@₹ 55
Gayatri Rubbers and Chemicals Ltd.NSE SME7-Feb-23Listed@₹ 35
Transvoy Logistics India Ltd.BSE SME2-Feb-23Listed@₹ 71
DHARNI Capital Services Ltd.BSE SME31-Jan-23Listed@₹ 21
Aristo Biotech and Life Science Ltd.NSE SME27-Jan-23Listed@₹ 80
Ducol Organics And Colours Ltd.NSE SME19-Jan-23Listed@₹ 111.95
Eastern Logica Infoway Ltd.BSE SME17-Jan-23Listed@₹ 270
Chaman Metallics Ltd.NSE SME16-Jan-23Listed@₹ 68
SVS Ventures Ltd.BSE SME12-Jan-23Listed@₹ 20.50
Rex Sealing and Packing Industries Ltd.BSE SME12-Jan-23Listed@₹ 137
Anlon Technology Solutions Ltd.NSE SME9-Jan-23Listed@₹ 251.10
Moxsh Overseas Educon Ltd.NSE SME2-Jan-23Listed@₹ 131
RBM Infracon Ltd.NSE SME4-Jan-23Listed@₹ 52.50
Homesfy Realty Ltd.NSE SME2-Jan-23Listed@₹ 275.05
Arihant Academy Ltd.NSE SME29-Dec-22Listed@₹ 120.10
Uma Converter Ltd.NSE SME29-Dec-22Listed@₹ 34.25
Dollex Agrotech Ltd.NSE SME28-Dec-22Listed@₹ 30
Droneacharya Aerial Innovations Ltd.BSE SME23-Dec-22Listed@₹ 102
All E Technologies Ltd.NSE SME21-Dec-22Listed@₹ 125
Arham Technologies Ltd.NSE SME15-Dec-22Listed@₹ 60


IPO Listing is the date on which shares to be listed on stock exchanges like BSE, NSE. After this date investors can easily purchase and sell shares.

Companies are required to list their shares in any recognised stock exchange. In India National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) are the two popular and leading Stock Exchanges for listing of shares.

No, all types of companies are not required to list their shares on the stock exchange. 

Only public companies who issue shares to the general public are required to list their shares on the stock exchange.

You can purchase only shares of those companies which are listed on stock exchanges.

All companies are not required to list on the stock exchange. Only public companies who issue shares to the general public are required to list their shares on stock exchange. You can purchase shares of these companies through stock exchange.

List of Stock Exchanges in India

Sr. No. Name of stock exchange  Recognition / Valid Up to Segments Permitted
BSE Limited (Bombay Stock Exchange) Permanent 
  • Equity
  • Equity Derivatives
  • Currency Derivatives (including Interest Rate Derivatives)
  • Commodity Derivatives
  • Debt
2. National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE) Permanent 
  • Equity
  • Equity Derivatives
  • Currency Derivatives (including Interest Rate Derivatives)
  • Commodity Derivatives
  • Debt
3.  Calcutta Stock Exchange Ltd Permanent  -
4.  National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Ltd Permanent 
  • Commodity Derivatives
5. Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Ltd Sep 15, 2023
  • Equity
  • Equity Derivatives
  • Currency Derivatives (including Interest Rate Futures)
  • Debt
6. Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. Permanent 
  • Commodity Derivatives
7. Indian Commodity Exchange Limited Permanent  -

SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) is the apex regulatory body of the stock exchange in India. 

SEBI established under the SEBI Act, 1992 by the government of India.