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Grey Market Premium

GMP, or “Grey market premium,” is a premium at which IPO shares are traded in an unofficial market before they are listed on the stock exchange. The Grey market starts after the IPO date and price band are announced. It is calculated based on the demand of a company that is coming up with an IPO.

Today’s IPO GMP

Issuer CompanyIPO GMPSubject to RatesIPO PriceEstimated Listing PriceIPO StatusIPO Listing Date
Tata Technologies Ltd.₹ --₹ --Upcoming-
IKIO Lighting Ltd.₹ 3-₹ 100-Open16-Jun-23
Nexus Select Trust Ltd.₹ 3-₹ 100-Listed@₹ 130019-May-23
Mankind Pharma Ltd.₹ 121-₹ 1080950Listed@₹ 13008-May-23
Avalon Technologies Ltd.₹ 7-₹ 436-Listed@₹ 43618-Apr-23
Udayshivakumar Infra Ltd.₹ 1040000₹ 352700Listed@₹ 303-Apr-23
Global Surfaces Ltd.₹ 18-₹ 140-Closed23-Mar-23
₹ 29-₹ 5908000Closed14-Mar-23
Adani Enterprises Ltd.----Cancelled8-Feb-23
Sah Polymers Ltd----Closed12-Jan-23
Radiant Cash Management Ltd----Closed4-Jan-23
Elin Electronics Ltd----Closed30-Dec-22
KFin Technologies Ltd----Closed29-Dec-22
Sula Vineyards Ltd----Closed22-Dec-22
Uniparts India Ltd.----Closed12-Dec-22
Dharmaj Crop Guard Ltd.----Closed8-Dec-22
Landmark Cars Ltd.----Closed23-Dec-22
Keystone Realtors Ltd.----Closed24-Nov-22
Inox Green Energy Ltd.----Closed23-Nov-22
Kaynes Technology Ltd.----Closed22-Nov-22
Global Health Ltd.----Closed16-Nov-22
DCX Systems Ltd.----Closed11-Nov-22
Tracxn Technologies Ltd.----Closed20-Oct-22
Issuer CompanyIPO GMPSubject to RatesIPO PriceEstimated Listing PriceIPO StatusIPO Listing Date
Cosmic CRF Ltd.₹ 166000₹ 330346 (4.85%)Upcoming26-Jun-23
Urban Enviro Waste Management Ltd₹ --₹ --Upcoming22-Jun-23
Spectrum Talent Management Ltd.₹ 4022000₹ 173213 (23.12%)Upcoming22-Jun-23
Sonalis Consumer Products Ltd.₹ 3-₹ 3033 (10.00%)Open19-Jun-23
Kore Digital Ltd.₹ 2819000₹ 180208 (15.56%)Closed15-Jun-23
Comrade Appliances Ltd.₹ 2223000₹ 5476 (40.74%)Closed13-Jun-23
Sahana System Ltd.₹ 2033000₹ 135155 (14.81%)Closed12-Jun-23
CFF Fluid Control Ltd.₹ 1-₹ 165166 (0.61%)Closed12-Jun-23
Infollion Research Services Ltd.₹ 1011,20,000₹ 82183 (123.17%)Closed8-Jun-23
Hemant Surgical Industries Ltd.₹ 8090000₹ 90170 (88.89%)Closed5-Jun-23
Proventus Agrocom Ltd.₹ 14-₹ 771785 (1.82%)Closed5-Jun-23
Vasa Denticity Ltd.₹ 5362000₹ 128181 (41.41%)Closed2-Jun-23
Crayons Advertising Ltd.₹ 4275000₹ 65107 (64.62%)Closed2-Jun-23
Remus Pharmaceuticals Ltd.₹ 57555000₹ 12291804 (46.79%)Closed29-May-23
Krishca Strapping Solutions Ltd.₹ 681,30,000₹ 54122 (125.93%)Closed29-May-23
Auro Impex n Chemicals Ltd.₹ 218000₹ 7880 (2.56%)Closed23-May-23
Innokaiz India Ltd.₹ 3840000₹ 78116 (48.72%)Listed@₹ 14811-May-23
De Neers Tools Ltd.₹ 43-₹ 101144 (42.57%)Listed@₹ 19011-May-23
Retina Paints Ltd.₹ 5-₹ 3035 (16.67%)Listed@₹ 29.053-May-23
A G Universal Ltd.₹ 4-₹ 6064 (6.67%)Listed@₹ 6024-Apr-23
Pattech Fitwell Tube Components Ltd.₹ -3-₹ 5047 (-6.00%)Listed@₹ 5521-Apr-23
MOS Utility Ltd.₹ 66000₹ 7682 (7.89%)Listed@₹ 9018-Apr-23
Sancode Technologies Ltd.₹ 4-₹ 4751 (8.51%)Listed@₹ 6418-Apr-23
Exhicon Events Media Solutions Ltd.₹ 2-₹ 6466 (3.12%)Listed@₹ 6417-Apr-23
Infinium Pharmachem Ltd.₹ 2.5-₹ 135137.5 (1.85%)Listed@₹ 141.5017-Apr-23
Sotac Pharmaceuticals Ltd.₹ 10-₹ 111121 (9.01%)Listed@₹ 11513-Apr-23
Maiden Forgings Ltd.₹ -2-₹ 6361 (-3.17%)Listed@₹ 636-Apr-23
Command Polymers Ltd.₹ -4-₹ 2824 (-14.29%)Listed@₹ 26.7529-Mar-23
Dev Labtech Venture Ltd.₹ 816000₹ 5159 (15.69%)Listed@₹ 5129-Mar-23
Nirman Agri Genetics Ltd.₹ -5-₹ 9994 (-5.05%)Listed@₹ 10228-Mar-23
Bright Outdoor Media Ltd.₹ -41100₹ 146142 (-2.74%)Listed@₹ 15027-Mar-23
Quality Foils (India) Ltd.₹ --₹ --Listed@₹ 10024-Mar-23
Labelkraft Technologies Ltd.₹ --₹ --Listed@₹ 5623-Mar-23
Sudarshan Pharma Industries Ltd.₹ --₹ --Listed@₹ 7322-Mar-23
Prospect Commodities Ltd.₹ --₹ --Listed@₹ 6120-Mar-23
MCON Rasayan India Ltd.₹ --₹ --Listed@₹ 4820-Mar-23
Vertexplus Technologies Ltd.₹ --₹ --Listed@₹ 10115-Mar-23
Systango Technologies Ltd.₹ --₹ --Listed@₹ 9815-Mar-23
ResGen Ltd.---Listed@₹ 4913-Mar-23
Amanaya Ventures Ltd.---Listed@₹ 20.109-Mar-23
Srivasavi Adhesive Tapes Ltd.---Listed@₹ 409-Mar-23
SVJ Enterprises Ltd.---Listed@₹ 389-Mar-23
Sealmatic India Ltd.---Listed@₹ 2251-Mar-23
Macfos Ltd.---Listed@₹1841-Mar-23
ITCONS E-Solutions Ltd.---Listed@₹46.9913-Mar-23
San Trica Realtors Ltd.---Closed
Patron Exim Ltd.---Closed6-Mar-23
Viaz Tyres Ltd.---Listed@₹ 681-Mar-23
Lead Reclaim and Rubber Products Ltd.---Listed@₹ 27.5021-Feb-23
Agarwal Float Glass India Ltd.---Listed@₹ 4423-Feb-23
Indong Tea Company Ltd.---Listed@₹ 20.8021-Feb-23
Shera Energy Ltd.---Listed@₹ 64.1017-Feb-23
Earthstahl & Alloys Ltd.---Listed@₹ 558-Feb-23
Gayatri Rubbers and Chemicals Ltd.---Listed@₹ 357-Feb-23
Transvoy Logistics India Ltd.---Listed@₹ 712-Feb-23
DHARNI Capital Services Ltd.---Listed@₹ 2131-Jan-23
Aristo Biotech and Life Science Ltd.---Listed@₹ 8027-Jan-23
Ducol Organics And Colours Ltd.---Listed@₹ 111.9519-Jan-23
Eastern Logica Infoway Ltd.---Listed@₹ 27017-Jan-23
Chaman Metallics Ltd.---Listed@₹ 6816-Jan-23
SVS Ventures Ltd.---Listed@₹ 20.5012-Jan-23
Rex Sealing and Packing Industries Ltd.---Listed@₹ 13712-Jan-23
Anlon Technology Solutions Ltd.---Listed@₹ 251.109-Jan-23
Moxsh Overseas Educon Ltd.---Listed@₹ 1312-Jan-23
RBM Infracon Ltd.---Listed@₹ 52.504-Jan-23
Homesfy Realty Ltd.---Listed@₹ 275.052-Jan-23
Arihant Academy Ltd.---Listed@₹ 120.1029-Dec-22
Uma Converter Ltd.---Listed@₹ 34.2529-Dec-22
Dollex Agrotech Ltd.---Listed@₹ 3028-Dec-22
Droneacharya Aerial Innovations Ltd.---Listed@₹ 10223-Dec-22
All E Technologies Ltd.---Listed@₹ 12521-Dec-22
Arham Technologies Ltd.---Listed@₹ 6015-Dec-22


GMP has a positive or negative impact on listing because, basically, through GMP, investors measure the interest of the public in a specific IPO.

GMP cannot be a deciding factor for investing in an IPO. Therefore, you should not apply for an IPO just because it has good GMP. In general conversation, you can compare GMP with a pinch of salt. GMP, like salt, can be a factor in deciding whether or not to invest in an IPO. If you want to apply for an IPO, you should not apply just because the GMP is good. You should analyse other factors of the company, like its profile, its revenue, its earnings, etc.