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Delhivery’s share price target for 2024, 2025, 2028, 2030, and 2040

Delhivery’s share price target for 2024, 2025, 2028, 2030, and 2040

This article will discuss Delhivery’s share price target for the upcoming years. We will analyze the estimated stock price of the company so that you can make better decisions about investing in it. Before we dive into the company’s share price predictions, let’s first understand the company’s background, financials, technical fundamentals, etc.

About Delhivery Limited

Incorporated in 2011. Delhivery is an Indian logistics and supply chain company headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, India. The major source of revenue, about two-thirds, comes from providing third-party logistics and delivery services to e-commerce companies.

The company has over 85 fulfillment centers, 24 automated sort centers, 70 hubs, 7,500+ partner centers, and 3,000+ direct delivery centers.

Delhivery’s aim is to build the operating system for commerce. They provide express parcel transportation, PTL and TL freight, cross-border logistics, and supply chain services to over 26000 customers, including large and small e-commerce participants, SMEs, and other leading enterprises and brands.

Delhivery secured its first e-commerce client in June 2011. By August 2011, Delhivery had completely modified its business strategy to offer logistical support to a number of e-commerce companies.

Softbank and Fidelity made investments in the company in March 2019 and May 2021, respectively. If you want to know more, visit

Key Metrics

Market Cap (₹)32,037.58 Crore
Sectoral Market Cap Rank2
PE Ratio (x)– 45.90
Price to Book Ratio (x)3.43
EPS – TTM (₹)– 9.54
52 Week High & Low (₹)608.70 / 291.00

Highlights of the Delhivery Limited share price forecast are shown in the table below.

YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price
2023₹ 460
2024₹ 450₹ 520
2025₹ 505₹ 580
2026₹ 560₹ 630
2027₹ 620₹ 680
2028₹ 670₹ 750
2029₹ 750₹ 860
2030₹ 850₹ 970
2040₹ 2,300₹ 2,550

Important Note: These price targets of “Delhivery Ltd.” are only for reference purpose only, short-term and long-term Delhivery stock price predictions may be different due to the different analysed time series. This prediction is only if there are positive market sentiments, and any uncertainties in the company or global market condition is not covered in this analysis. 

Future Growth of Delhivery Limited

Earnings and Revenue Growth Forecasts of the Company

According to our growth forecast, Delhivery Limited’s earnings and revenue will grow by 65.30% and 17.00% per year, respectively. EPS is expected to grow by 101.80%. 

Key Information

Forecasted Earnings Growth Rate65.30%
Forecasted Logistics Industries Earnings Growth Rate41.00%
Forecasted EPS Growth Rate101.80%
Forecasted Revenue Growth Rate17.00%
Forecasted Return on Equity3.60%

High Growth Revenue: The company’s revenue is forecast to grow at a rate of 17.00% per year, which is less than 20% per year. A 20% growth rate is considered high. 

✅ The estimated ROE would be 3.60%, which is positive in three years.

Past Performance of Delhivery Limited

Earnings and Revenue History of the Company

❎ When we analyze the past earnings and revenue of Delhivery Limited, the earnings growth rate of the company last year was negative. The company’s revenue growth rate was 6.99% per annum, and the current net profit margin stood at 13.94%, which is more than the previous year’s (-14.68%).

Key Information

Earnings Growth Rate
EPS Growth Rate17.02%
Revenue Growth Rate6.99%
Return on Equity-10.98%

Past earnings growth analysis of the company

Earnings Trend: When we analyse the earnings trend of the last 4 years, we find that the earnings of the company have continuously declined and are in the negative.

Return on Equity (ROE)

✅ Delhivery’s return on equity was -10.98%.

Return on Assets (ROA)

✅ The company had a ROA of -9%.

Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)

✅ Last year, the company had a ROCE of -9.86%. 

The Financial Health of Delhivery Limited

The financial position of the company

Short-term liabilities: The short-term assets of Delhivery Limited exceed its short-term liabilities. Which is good.

Long-term liabilities: The short-term assets of Delhivery Limited exceed its long-term liabilities.

Delhivery Limited’s stock forecast for the upcoming years

Delhivery Share Price Target for 2023

Today, Delhivery Limited has become the fastest-growing independent, integrated logistics company in India. The company’s revenue from supply chain services has grown by more than 6.99% during the last year. The company has added approximately 1 million square feet of fulfillment center infrastructure in locations such as Mumbai, NCR, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and several Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities.

YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price
2023₹ 460

Delhivery Share Price Target for 2024

The company has also launched several new logistics services during the last year to expand its customer base and increase its share of the total logistics spend of its existing customers, and the same is expected in the years to come. Talking about the share price in 2024, the price can be between ₹ 450 and  ₹ 520.

YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price
2024₹ 450₹ 520

Delhivery Share Price Target for 2025

The company has expanded its operations through acquisitions, one of which is Spoton. Together with Delhivery and Spoton, it is one of the fastest-growing and largest express PTL networks in India. The stock price of the company for this year can be between ₹ 505 and ₹ 580. 

YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price
2025₹ 505₹ 580

Delhivery Share Price Target for 2026

Large, mature economies have historically led to the creation of large, integrated logistics companies. India is an anomalous market in this regard, with the industry being highly fragmented and unorganized. Direct logistics spending in India is one of the largest across global economies and is expected to grow to US$365 billion by FY26. This represents a huge addressable market for organized logistics companies in the country, which today account for 5% of the total market. If we talk about the share price in 2026, then it can be between ₹ 560 and  ₹ 630.

YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price
2026₹ 560₹ 630

Delhivery Share Price Target for 2027

The company continues to invest in building technology, data science, and business intelligence capabilities across its offices in Gurugram, Noida, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Goa, and Seattle. The teams in Seattle, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad are in the advanced development stages of OS1, their global logistics platform.

OS1 aims to enable developers, logistics-tech enterprises, and logistics companies to build and access purpose-built logistics and supply chain applications and solutions, allowing them to participate in the logistics markets of the future without making significant technology investments.

YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price
2027₹ 620₹ 680

Delhivery Share Price Target for 2028

In line with the strategy to build scale and new capabilities both organically and inorganically, the company entered into several agreements with other businesses to expand its footprint in different segments. Delhivery acquired certain assets, facilities, and customer contracts from FedEx and entered into a business cooperation agreement with Falcon. If we analyze the share price of Delhivery in 2028, then it can go from a minimum ₹ 670 to a maximum ₹ 750.

YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price
2028₹ 670₹ 750

Delhivery Share Price Target for 2030

The company is fully equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure, which enable it to take competitive advantage. Its transportation and warehousing services are powered by proprietary technology systems that encompass its operations and power nearly 10,000 partners across the country. Over 250 million data points collected daily on orders, products, locations, road conditions, and weather guide real-time decision-making to deliver lower costs and higher service quality. If we analyze the share price of the company, the minimum price will be ₹ 850 and the maximum price will be ₹ 970.

YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price
2030₹ 850₹ 970

Delhivery Share Price Target for 2040

Delhivery Limited services India’s leading e-commerce marketplaces, direct-to-consumer e-tailers, omni-channel consumer brands, and enterprises across diverse verticals, including automotive, fashion and lifestyle, FMCG, retail, consumer durables, chemicals, and heavy industry. In the upcoming years, these businesses will grow, and automatically, logistics services will expand with them. The growth of this sector is directly proportional to the growth of other sectors in our country.

If we look at the stock prediction of the company till 2040, then it can go up to ₹ 2,550. However, one must be careful and vigilant to keep a constant eye on the growing trends of the market. If you are careful enough, you can earn more than what you invest in these stocks.

YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price
2040₹ 2,300₹ 2,550


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Recommendations: Invest in Delhivery Limited stock or sell it?

Our forecasted stock analyst believes that there will be a positive trend in the future. A financial track record analysis of Delhivery Limited over the past years indicates that Delhivery Limited is a below-average quality company. As per the current analysis, the shares of the company are not good investments. But if you are good at personal finance and want to invest, then you can invest in this stock.


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